Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Who are freelancers?

In a simply we can say they are freelancers who perform their jobs independently or who are self-employed.Freelancers are totally independent.Freelancer is someone who does is job under multiple clients.They sell their services to their clients. Freelancers may work part time or full time it depends on their clients.They have permissions to perform their task in their own way.I think I am capable to understand about freelancer.So it is the question that where from we get freelancing job or who post those kind of  jobs? As my blog is about Upwork so you can get freelancing job from  Upwork.Ok I will discuss about clients and  Upwork in my next post.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What is freelancing?

A general definition for a freelancing can be defined as that freelancing  is an independent job.In short  freelancing definition is working for yourself Freelancing  job is self-employed job and who works on this field they are considered freelancers .Now a days freelancing is going to be a smart profession.Freelancers may work full time or part time basis.Now many people is joining in this profession.For joining this profession here are some reasons.
                1)    You can work on your own schedule.
                   2) You can work from home.
                3)    You don’t have a boss over you.
                4)    Here you don’t need to show your educational qualification.
                5)    You can work with worldwide companies or employer.
1                 6)    You don’t  need to invest money just you have to invest your                                            time,skill,hard work and patience.

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